I’ve been a practicing psychotherapist for the past fifteen years. I graduated from New York University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work and have been licensed in the state of Alaska as a Clinical Social Worker since 2000.

I have a broadly based practice working with both men and women who bring all sorts of difficulties, from anxiety and depression, bereavement, or relationship issues to seeking life direction or greater fulfillment. I see relationship to be at the heart of the work I do. While it is relationship that can bring us into our full measure as human beings, is also through relationship that we can be or have been deeply wounded. And while none of us can change the past, it is possible to change our relationship to it and to ourselves leading to profound transformation of our lives. Counseling and psychotherapy is a process of exploring the meaning and origin of our responses to other people and events so that we are gradually able to give up the unhealthy and wounding ones to respond with greater flexibility in our lives.