My belief is that people develop symptoms like chronic anger, anxiety or depression as coping strategies to help them deal with feelings, events or situations they can find no other way to manage. Very often, people look for counseling when a crisis is occurring in their lives and short term counseling can sustain them through the crisis. Once the crisis is past, some want to explore the underlying situation behind it, understanding that our feelings, thoughts and motivations are at times beyond our awareness. Speaking with someone who is trained to shed light on these areas can not only lead to relief of symptoms but to increased ability to live more creatively and with more choices.

People also seek out a therapist not because anything is going terribly wrong in their lives, but because something seems to be missing and they experience themselves as “stuck.” At these times, therapy can be a way of setting the growth process in motion again. Each of us has the ability to heal and grow; therapy can provide the space and setting for this to happen.